Magnolia West High School Athletics

Magnolia ISD will provide a limited benefit SECONDARY insurance policy for students grades 7 – 12 involved in interscholastic sports.

  • This insurance policy does not provide comprehensive coverage. Our insurance works as a secondary insurance policy.  You must file on any other insurance you have first, and then on our policy second.   Once your primary insurance has paid, then the remaining balance up to a certain maximum will be paid.  If you do not have primary coverage, the school insurance will only pay the maximum allowed benefit.  There is no guarantee that all medical expenses will be covered and thatALL UNCOVERED expenses are the parents responsibility.  Claim forms, available through the sport’s head coach or athletic trainer, should be taken to the doctor when an injury requires professional medical treatment.  Make sure all bills are itemized to insure maximum coverage.  Claim forms need to be filed within 90 days of the initial injury, and treatment MUST begin within30 days of date of injury.
  • The supervising coach or athletic trainer must receive prior notice that an athlete is going to the doctor because of an athletic injury. This is not done to prevent an athlete from going to the doctor, but so that we can keep up with injuries accurately and fill out the claim forms properly.  Any athlete who has an injury due to UIL sports competition or workouts should report it to the athletic trainer or coach immediately.  The school will not be held responsible for any visits to the doctor which the supervising coach or athletic trainer does not receive prior notice.
  • Also, understand that BENEFITS of the school insurance will vary according to injury and physician and/or hospitals visited. If you have any questions regarding this insurance, please call an athletic trainer or coach.
  • Magnolia ISD strongly encourages all UIL/extra-curricular participants to carry primary health care insurance due to risk of injury. Primary health care insurance may be purchased through the parent/guardian’s employer.  Any and all medical bills are the responsibility of the parent/guardian of the injured student.  If you do not have personal insurance for your son/daughter, please consider purchasing extended coverage for them.